Pet Grooming

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pet grooming

Pet Grooming in Stamford, CT

At Stamford Veterinary Center, we are pleased to announce that we now
have grooming services available on Thursdays, and Fridays.

Pet Grooming

Our groomer, Julia is compassionate, skilled, and eager to meet your furry best friend. At Stamford Veterinary Center, we know the importance of trusting those who care for our pets. That’s why we made it our goal to build grooming into our services, so you can know your pet is in the best hands.

A dog bath includes a bath, blow dry, full brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning. We use a shampoo that is specialized for your dog’s skin and coat, to ensure they leave here feeling and looking good!

A full grooming includes a bath, blow dry, full brush out, nail trim, ear cleaning and the haircut of your choice. From a poodle cut to a puppy cut, we make sure your fur friend is looking their very best!

We know that every pet is unique, so grooming needs may be based on your pet’s breed, coat, size, and temperament. Give us a call at 203-817-0440 to learn more or schedule a grooming appointment for your furry best friend!

Pet Grooming