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Pet In-Clinic Laboratory

Learn more about our Pet In-Clinic Laboratory below.

Pet In-Clinic Laboratory in Stamford, CT

At Stamford Veterinary Center, we offer in-house lab work for day of results on a variety of tests.

Pet In-Clinic Laboratory

We provide in-house lab work for day-of results on a number of tests at Stamford Veterinary Centre. Within 20 minutes, samples can be collected, and findings can be ready. For quick, precise results, we employ Idexx Laboratories equipment. If the diagnostic screen is not available at the clinic, we can send it to the proper lab and get the findings as quickly as possible.

Testing Offered

  • Complete Blood Count
  • Chemistries
  • Thyroid Level
  • Fructosamine
  • Urinalysis
  • Cytology: Ear, Skin, Mass
  • Phenobarbital Level
  • Parvovirus
  • Heartworm
Pet In-Clinic Laboratory