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Two paws up for Stamford Vet Center!

We are so fortunate that a full-service pet care business like Stamford Vet Center and Pet Lodge has finally arrived in this area. It's been so convenient to have my 3-1/2 year old dog's veterinary needs treated by the doctors and staff here. Everyone is nice, helpful and tries to keep smiling even when the waiting room is full of noisy pets.

Quinn has received excellent care from all of the doctors. Each takes the time to explain Quinn's medical condition in a way that I understand what he's experiencing and what has to be done to make him feel better. It's also refreshing that, when appropriate, the doctors have offered me less expensive treatment options to try rather than heading straight for the most expensive course of action.

Every employee at SVC&PL is a pet lover and it shows! Whether we're going in for a well visit, or to pick up some medication, the trip isn't complete unless Quinn has wrangled some treats and kisses from his SVC pals.

Having a daycare center and boarding facility attached to a well-respected veterinary facility makes such good sense! I'm so much more relaxed when I need to board him, and because of the daycare experience, he runs INTO the building instead of climbing all over me to get OUT! What a great place and a sensible way to care for all the needs of your pet.

The dapper Quinn after his bath and groom by Rita

—Erin McGrath

* * * *

After being a client with all my rescues at other vets I was referred to Stamford Veterinary Center by a friend. I was so relieved to find a vet that hasn't forgotten personal service with compassion for his 4-legged clients and their owners. They go the extra mile to help and understand your needs. Plus the front desk staff is knowledgeable and great at what they do.
—Maria Ferraina

* * * *

Thank you for taking such good care of our cherished family member, Ranger. Our cute rescue was born with a deformed rear leg that required two surgeries, a frightening experience for Ranger (and for us). You and your team took the time to thoroughly explain the surgeries and related recovery. We appreciated the around the clock personal attention we received after the surgeries; your hospital's administrator, Michael, asked us to call him at anytime. In fact, Ranger was having a tough time a couple days after the surgery as his surgical pain killers wore off. We were very concerned and Ranger was not able to tell us what was wrong. We had to call Michael late at night. Michael helped to alleviate our concerns and provided us instructions for Ranger's care through the night. By the morning he was doing much better. Michael followed up with us numerous times during Ranger's recovery.

After a week at home Ranger was ready for physical therapy. Your hospital provided such convenient physical therapy services, picking Ranger up from our house in the morning, providing physical therapy and laser therapy during the day, and then dropping him back home in the afternoon. We could go to work with a peace of mind knowing Ranger is in good care. We also appreciate Brittany's exceptional effort to pick up and drop off Ranger everyday, even on her days off. We watched happily as Ranger's walking improved every week. Ranger cannot wait to get back to playing with his friends. Just a few more weeks and he will be as good as new.

Thank you all for taking care of Ranger, he is lucky to have so many people's love and care, and we are lucky to have this support from you all as well.

Ranger pictured here with the Staff

—Man Yee and Dave Merl

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